Financial Modeling

Financial modeling is essentially the translation of real time business to an excel based simulator, to find the output of the business under different sets of situations to assist the management in effective decision making. T he output ranges from basic cash flow forecasting, through acquisitions and divestments, to capital investment appraisals and decisions on capital structure and fund raising. Our financial modeling team consists of professionals from leading consulting firms in the world, bringing a breadth of experience and outlooks to bear. We have expertise in developing bespoke complex models to any business situation and it includes, but not limited to:
  • Strategic planning and options analysis
  • M&A transactions
  • Project finance
  • Divestment and Restructuring
  • MBO and LBO
  • Refinancing and equity raising
  • Corporate reporting
  • Budgeting and Business Control
  • Supporting FDD

The FMSG Approach

Model Audit (Review)

We do independent reviews of Excel-based financial models, from a basic cross casting , limited scope to full scope review. Our review is based on globally agreed methodologies and uses new technologies to assess the worthiness of the model and our report also contains comments on best practices. We have a dedicated team with Strong financial modeling skills accompanied with knowledge and experience in a wide spectrum of industries. Model review includes, but not limited to:
  • Robust review of the logical and arithmetic accuracy of the Model
  • Review the key Assumptions and input data set out in the data book (if provided ) and confirm this information has been correctly input into the model
  • Review the logical integrity, internal consistency and arithmetical accuracy, in all material respects , of the formula algorithm and calculations contained within the model
  • Review the consistency of the model with the any supporting documents available
  • Ensure the financial covenants and cover ratios are calculated in accordance with the documents supplied.
  • Carry out analytical review of the financial model outputs to identify any unexplained inconsistent or unintuitive cash flow trends or variation in other key financial indicators based on the inputs and the projects commercial structure
  • Review the model with regard to its ability to run agreed sensitivities and to confirm the accuracy and logical integrity of the sensitivity structure coding and data manipulation required and that the results reported and the output s produced are consistent with the changes made to the assumptions

Financial Feasibility Study & Business Plan Support Services

We can assist you to understand whether your business idea is financially feasible or not . Professional business plans are undeniably required for new initiatives. FMSG can assist you in doing a feasibility study or to develop a business plan and can handle all aspects regardless of scale, industry or sector. Our services include market research (secondary research), financial projections and Reporting. With a specialized team of consultants FMSG is uniquely positioned to drive the financial and market aspect of feasibility study and business plan development.

Valuation Support

We provide end to end support for valuation services. Our service include:
  • Developing DCF models
  • Research on Comparable companies and comparable transactions, regionally and globally
  • Extracting market and transaction multiples
  • Reporting